Career Guidance

Career guidance workshops are designed to orientate students towards the world of work. Relevant information to the students at the right time of the development cycle helps them move from crystallization of career choices to specification and implementation. Informed career choices help make smart and correct decisions that lead to success in life. The aim of a career guidance workshop is not only to guide students on choice of subjects and streams and provide suitable career choices but also help students become self- aware about their strengths and weaknesses.


  • To introduce the students to the world of work
  • To introduce them to the concept of Career development and maturity
  • To help them understand the importance of setting Educational and Career goals
  • To help them relate occupational choice with Interest, Aptitude and Personal style and provide an overview of the importance of each for success in any field
  • To reflect on factors affecting choice of streams and how to make get the right fit
  • To provide an overview of common careers in different streams and scope
  • To analyze career trends with a national as well as a global perspective
  • To introduce them to goal setting and the importance of working the plan
  • To encourage clarification of doubts through intensive interactive sessio