We believe in and support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that enhance the well being of the communities around us and the society at large including the environment.  Every year we are involved in tree planting exercises to improve our environment.

Tree Planting at Rurii Catholic Church 2010

During the 2011 and 2012 Rhino Charge, our company sponsored car No. 57 during this wider environmental awareness and fund raising event

Masmec LTD Sponsored Rhino Charge Car No. 57

In addition we are actively involved in initiating and supporting a number of fundraising programs directly affecting the communities such as Rural Schools Education Programs and community health projects

Supporting Education programs – Rurii Primary School 2010

Health of our nation is close to heart of Masmec Ltd. We are actively involved in Rural Communities Health programs / Medical Camps and development of Social Infrastructures like Churches and Hospitals around the country.

Supporting Rural Health programs – Rurii Medical Camp 2010

We are convinced that you would like to partner in business with organizations that are mindful of the society from which they generate their business through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives like we do.