Work Personality Index
Measures 17 personality traits related to job performance
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WPI Job Match
custom benchmarking for positions in your organization
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ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test
a quick test of spatial reasoning ability
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ACER Select Series
verbal and numerical ability tests
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Employee Reliability Inventory
identify high risk candidates
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CPI™ 434 California Psychological Inventory
provides a complex yet highly accurate portrait of an individual’s professional and personal styles
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Customer Service Aptitude Profile
identify candidates suited to customer service work
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Sales Achievement Predictor
identify effective salespeople before you make hiring, placement, and training decisions
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153 questions, 20 minutes to complete
A valid and reliable measure of personality that provides insight into an individual's work performance and task effectiveness. A comprehensive set of WPI reports is available for personal and career development applications. The reports are clear, concise, and easy to interpret.

1. Select Report 6 pages
Designed to guide personnel selection decisions. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's typical work behavior. A convenient one-page profile and six pages of narrative report, ensures you receive a thorough description of a candidate's approach work.

2. Career Transition Report 21 pages
Provides insight into an individual's personality traits, the kinds of work they enjoy, and how they can manage career change. It describes an individual's work style, their approach to solving problems, managing change, and dealing with stress. The report provides exercises to help people understand their work strengths and develop a plan for changing careers.

3. Personal Effectiveness Report 12 pages
Designed for personal development, team building, and coaching. It describes an individual's preferences and strengths; and suggests techniques for increasing effectiveness in work settings. The report describes how an individual works with others, approaches tasks, solves problems, manages change, and deals with stress.

4.  Leadership Competency Report 20 pages
Designed as a tool for professional growth. This report describes key features of an individual’s personal style that influence their approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people, and performance at work. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing leadership effectiveness and highlights the competencies generally associated with each personality trait

WPI Job Match System

Matching people with jobs has never been easier. Our convenient and flexible system allows you to customize the WPI for different occupations in your organization.
First, you specify the personality characteristics necessary for effective job performance in a specific occupation by completing a Trait Specification Form. Second, a profile for the occupation is created called a Job Match Profile.

The Job Match System then provides you with a Job Match Report describing your candidate's overall fit.

42 questions, 20 minutes to complete
Ideal for the selection of apprentices, trainees, technical/trade personnel, and others involved in work of a mechanical nature. All items are in the form of diagrams. Specific item content is wide ranging and includes: wheels, gears, clamps, levers, sliding rods, shafts, pulleys, weights, conveyor belts, fixed and non-fixed pivots, and springs.

Quickly and easily administer tests of verbal or numerical reasoning. Suitable for recruitment for a variety of occupations from sales and clerical to junior management and graduate selection.

General Select Verbal

34 questions, 15 minutes to complete
General Select Numerical
34 questions, 20 minutes to complete

The General Select is intended for candidates who are applying for technical, clerical, and administrative positions.

Professional Select Verbal
29 questions, 15 minutes to complete

Professional Select Numerical
29 questions, 20 minutes to complete

The Professional Select is appropriate for candidates applying for positions where the work requires a high level of reasoning ability, or where these qualities will become more important as staff are promoted, eg. graduate recruitment, managerial, or leadership roles.

81 questions, 20 minutes to complete

High risk employees can cost your business thousands of dollars. The ERI will determine whether a candidate is low-risk or high-risk based on seven different scales. The report measures: freedom from disrupted job performance, courtesy, emotional maturity, conscientiousness, trustworthiness.

CPI™ 434
434 questions, 45–60 minutes to complete

Helps find and develop successful employees, nurture leaders, create efficient organizations, and promote teamwork.

Profile 5 pages
The CPI™ Profile is a clear and organized presentation of your client's CPI™ type, level, and Folk Scales scores. It provides a snapshot of CPI™ 434 results, highlighting the important elements, which allows for quick and easy interpretation. The organization of the Profile saves you time by providing all the information you need to prepare your own narrative interpretation for the client.

Narrative Report 15 pages
This comprehensive report provides you with a well-organized narrative interpretation of your client's CPI™ 434 results. It includes a Profile of your client's CPI™ type, level, and Folk Scales results, and then elaborates on that information in narrative form for a comprehensive CPI™ interpretation. The Narrative Report includes all 100 California Q-sort items, from the most descriptive to the least descriptive, which make predictive statements about your client's behavior to aid your interpretation, helping you describe your client in a close, knowledgeable, and objective manner.

Configural Analysis Report 16 pages
Beginning with the five parts of the CPI™ Narrative Report-type and level information, Folk Scales plots for gender and total/combined norms, individual Folk Scales in a narrative format, and a personalized ranking of the 100 Q-sort items-the Configural Analysis Report builds on that information by providing two types of interpretations based on combinations of scales: (1) empirical analyses derived from research; and (2) speculative analyses derived from interpretations by the author or his colleagues.

Customer Service Aptitude Profile
140 questions, 20 minutes to complete

Find out which applicants are best suited to customer service work.
This convenient questionnaire measures traits that are critical to success in customer service.  It stresses motivation as well as aptitude, identifying individuals who are likely to follow through once they’ve got the job.   In addition, the report includes recommendations for training and motivation.

The Customer Service AP report outlines the strengths and weaknesses of applicants. Includes detailed feedback on customer service and inside sales characteristics, sales success characteristics, motivation and achievement characteristics and work.

Sales Achievement Predictor
140 questions, 20 minutes to complete

Measure traits critical to sales success.
With the Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP), you no longer have to wait 6 months, or longer, to find out whether a new hire will succeed. This unique inventory measures traits that are critical to success in sales—and in related fields such as customer service, sales management, marketing, and public relations.
Many things are not apparent in an interview or resume—inhibitions about cold calling, reluctance to ask for a sale, or poor motivation to follow through once on the job. The SalesAP will pick up these traits. Validated against actual sales performance, the SalesAP helps industrial psychologists, human resource professionals, sales managers, and business owners select, place, and train salespeople.

The SalesAP Report details characteristics that are critical for success in sales. The report has separate sections for overall sales disposition, cold calling, and sales closing, in addition to many characteristics related to sales potential and performance such as assertiveness.