Management and Leadership Training

Target Audience:
The Management and Leadership Training is designed for Executive Secretary/Personal
Assistants/Administrative Assistants who are playing a managerial role in their organizations
and Mid- level managers and technical professionals wanting to update their managerial skills
and position themselves to adopt leadership roles in their organizations.
Course Objectives
1.   To equip personal assistants beyond normal, regular administration work
2.   To tap leadership & managerial  potential in personal assistants, administrators and
executives in mid-level roles
3.   To enable participants keep abreast with the modern organizations challenges
As a result of attending this course participants will:
1.   Be familiar with contemporary ideas, methods and approaches in managing modern
2.    Know how to  use tools,  concepts  learnt  to  improve personal  and  organizations’
3.   Have developed their analytical and judgment skills in relation to the application of
core management competencies.

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