Personal branding

Personal branding is not about applying a thin layer of veneer. It’s about getting in touch with your authentic self – what’s true and real and genuine about you. It’s about harnessing the values you live by and the passions that drive you and presenting the real you to others.


  • Recognize the importance of a personal brand
  • Understand what a brand is and is not
  • Explore your promise of value
  • Learn the key steps in building a personal brand
  • Build Your Personal Brand in 5Steps
  • Your Brand Mission and Values
  • Your Brand Skills and Experiences
  • Personal Excellence Into Your Brand
  • How To Brand Your Professional Image
  • How To Brand Your Presence
  • How To Brand Your Online Presence
  • Your Network your brand
  • Linking Everything Together
  • Real Life Case Studies of Personal Branding Successes and Failures