Pre-Retirement Program

Change in any form is feared, with anxiety being a fundamental element of the unknown future situation. Retirement either due to medical grounds, retrenchment or achievement of retirement age brings about is such change with its consequent dissolution of the future.  Staff members who retire need to be assisted to make a smooth transition from an employed to self-employed status, and enabling them to strategically fit into the new situation and continue a full and meaningful line. This requires the management of trauma, removing of fears and other mental blocks that hinder the transition. The Pre-Retirement course is designed to successfully address and mitigate potential negative physiological, physical, social and economic factors that retirees would otherwise experience and provide insights on how best to cope with life after retirement.

Overall Objective
The overall objective of the training is to prepare employees for retirement, and help them develop willingness to strategically recreate themselves and venture into a new or second career. The program will also equip them with knowledge and skills necessary to run a business.  The course helps the potential retirees to plan for retirement and make a success of it. The guiding philosophy is to assist them to look forward to retirement, taking the perspective that this is an opportunity to do something different.

Target Audience:
This course is designed after detailed industry research to specifically meet the needs of the following groups of employees.

Ø  All staff due for retirement in 3 – 5 years

Training Focus
At the end of the five days, the delegates should be able to:

Be familiar with what retirement entails.

  • Be prepared for retirement socially, physiologically and physically.
  • Effectively manage changes in their lifestyles.
  • Look forward to the retirement as a great ‘once- in-a-lifetime’ opportunity
  • Effectively manage their financial retirement benefits
  • Appreciate the procedure in starting a business
  • Acquire skills necessary for managing a business.
    1. Prepare a business plan which can be implemented
    2. Cost and price their goods and services appropriately
    3. Keep relevant records for their business
      Identify different sources of finance